First time homeowners buying program through Belmont Shelter Corp.

First time homeowners buying program through Belmont Shelter Corp.


Program Administration

We have successfully administered rental assistance programs throughout Erie and Niagara Counties since 1977. Our highly trained, professional staff has a thorough knowledge of the program regulations and access to some of the most sophisticated computer processing and management systems in the country.

Currently, we administer assistance for approximately 4000 households renting in the private sector. We are responsible for over $14 million in housing assistance payments every year on their behalf, and have earned a reputation for timely, accurate payments to participating landlords. Belmont Shelter Corp. also maintains an aggressive inspections program that provides safe, decent housing for assisted families. Our knowledgeable inspectors ensure that each housing unit meets or exceeds all federal Housing Quality Standards.

To assist our clients, we maintain a comprehensive database on local private and subsidized rental units throughout the area.

Housing Development

We understand the unique elements of affordable housing and we have the expertise to manage every aspect of housing development from site selection to the final punch list. Through the years, our partners have come to trust our experience in developing both rental and owner-occupied housing and our ability to deliver a project on time and on budget.

The ability to draw on the varied experience of our in-house staff gives us a competitive advantage. Our financial staff produces development budgets, which minimize unforeseen expenses and help contain costs. They are also experienced in maintaining records to meet government standards and ensure good audit results. Our property managers are brought in early in the development process. Therefore, projects are designed for long-term efficiency and resident livability. Our staff also has expertise in creating work write-ups, determining project feasibility, and securing the necessary financing.

We have practical experience with virtually all federal and state housing development programs, including the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, HOME, and bonding. We have a comprehensive knowledge of Western New York's housing market, and of the special requirements of affordable housing development.

We also work directly with communities, private developers, and public entities to enable them to preserve neighborhoods and create additional affordable housing opportunities.

Housing Counseling

Belmont Shelter Corp. provides counseling to lower income families on renting and on becoming homeowners covering the following:

  • · Rental assistance
  • · Apartment searches
  • · Landlord/tenant rights & responsibilities
  • · Housing opportunities
  • · Budget/credit counseling
  • · Home ownership process
  • · Finding & evaluating mortgages
  • · Home ownership programs
  • · Housing rehabilitation programs
  • · Mortgage default of foreclosure intervention
  • · Reverse mortgages
  • Our services are confidential and free of charge to the client. Counselors are available at the following locations:

    Community Action Organization
    252 N.Main Street, Angola
    (2nd & 4th Friday, 9-noon)

    Lackawanna City Hall
    714 Ridge Road, Lackawanna
    (Tuesdays, 9:00-4:30)



    Belmont Shelter Corp.
    1195 Main Street, Buffalo
    (Monday - Friday, 9-5)

    Lancaster Village Hall
    5423 Broadway, Lancaster
    (Fridays, 9:00 - noon)



    Concord Town Hall
    86 Franklin Street, Concord
    (1st & 3rd Friday, 9-noon)

    Amherst Town Hall
    5583 Main Street, Williamsville
    (Wednesdays, 8:30-4:30)



    Hamburg Town Hall
    S-6100 South Park, Hamburg
    (4th Wednesday, 3-7)

    Belmont Shelter Corp.
    174 Main Street, Hamburg
    (2nd Wednesday, 3-7)





    Property Management

    Specializing in affordable housing, Belmont Shelter has over twenty-five years experience managing government financed housing programs. We provide professional management to ensure smooth operation, long-term financial viability, and quality housing that is an asset to the community.

    Our Corporate Mission

    The mission of Belmont Shelter Corp. is to provide affordable housing opportunities.

    Our Services and Customers

    The services we provide are restricted to those that fall within our corporate purposes and further our mission. We engage in activities related to housing for low and moderate-income persons. Our primary customer group is those individuals whose access to decent housing is limited because of their ability to pay for it. Other essential customer groups include owners of rental properties, contract municipalities, public officials and other service providers.


    Although we are incorporated to do business throughout New York State, our focus is on Western New York.

    Market Focus:

    We determine our focus by looking at our customers' needs compared to the housing market, and at what resources are available to meet those needs. Our current focus it to administer rental assistance programs, provide housing counseling, develop affordable rental units, develop home ownership opportunities, provide technical assistance in affordable housing activities, and own and manage affordable units.

    Competitive Advantage:

    We believe we operate with a number of advantages including:

    • · Highly specialized knowledge and training in the affordable housing field
    • · Timely and professional delivery of products and services
    • · Humanitarian motivation
    • · Diversity as one of our core values
    • · Good track record
    • · Fiscal well-being
    • · Ability to recognize and respond quickly to opportunities
  • Distribution:
  • We recognize the importance of making our services available throughout our market area and the need for proactive marketing. This may require dissemination of information about opportunities, or the actual creation of opportunities in a specific area. It also involves accommodating the needs of special populations so that they may easily take advantage of the same opportunities.

    Corporate Goals:

    The goals of Belmont Shelter Corp. are to:

    • · Expand affordable housing opportunities
    • · Maintain the highest standards of service, quality, and professionalism in all we do
    • · Manage the Corporation by mean of a strategic plan
    • · Recruit, train support and retain a diverse and qualified staff
    • · Employ customer-oriented policies and procedures
    • · Ensure compliance with applicable rules and guidelines
    • · Sustain a healthy, safe and secure work environment
    • · Assure the provision and stewardship of resources necessary to fulfill our mission
    • · Maintain an appropriate balance between quality service and cost effectiveness
    • · Foster community relationships; and
    • · Promote the Corporation as a leader in the field of affordable housing.
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    First time homeowners buying program through Belmont Shelter Corp.

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