In Medicaid Spend Down

Each State has different amounts and rules

In Developing an understanding of Medicaid spend down limits

Married assets amount to use for baseline is 130,000 with income of 3,050 a month

Single assets amount for baseline is 2,000 and with income of 50 a month

When developing a plan

First we use the baseline amount

Then you look up your state amount for assets and income and your year

Once you know, your amount of assets and income

Remember this amount each year keep changing

Then you can finalize your plan for protection

Explain on how the state of New York works for 2021 

In¬ 2021, the community spouse can retain half of the¬ couple's¬ joint¬ assets, up to $130,380, as the chart indicates above. However, if the¬ couple¬ has more limited¬ assets, the non-applicant spouse is able to retain 100% of their joint¬ assets, up to $74,820.

general information each state has own amount / good starting point / Each state is different / need to work with your team / need to revised and make very simple like power point simple / give you ball park idea / remember each state has a different amount

We help with type of Medicaid spend information click to set up meeting


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