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Instead if making 20 or more calls, why not get it ALL done by making just one call? We can get it all done, and you can concentrate on work, or actually have the time to spend with your friends and family.

Errand Running Services
Whether it's picking up & dropping off dry cleaning, returning / picking up videos, mailing packages, or just about anything else that is on your TO DO LIST can be on our TO DO LIST!

Personal Shopping Services
Personal Shopping services can range anywhere from groceries to Holiday gifts to an entire wardrobe, and anything in between. Only your imagination (and available funds) can limit your experience. Personal Shopping Services require a deposit of $500.00 to cover purchases. When your invoice is paid, the deducted funds are replenished.

Waiting / Modified House Sitting Services
Waiting services include waiting at your private home for repairs and/or work to be done or for something to be delivered. Our specialists will wait for plumbers, utility company representatives, delivery services, or anything that needs to have a person at your home when it/they arrive.

Modified House Sitting can involve getting the mail in, checking the grounds for damage, and making sure everything is safe and secure while you're away, so that you can relax and enjoy your trip. This service is entirely customizable, depending upon your wishes.

Travel Planning Services
Looking to get away, yet you haven't the time to look through all of the brochures and online deals to find "the perfect vacation"? Or, maybe you're traveling on business and you don't have regular travel agent, we can help you get the most for your money and impress those you need to.

Vendor Referrals / Liaison Service
New to the area and need to find out who is good and who isn't? Looking to have work done and you're not sure whom to call? Let us recommend one of our vendors who are carefully screened, and of the highest quality workmanship. We will also have a liaison available to meet with the vendor if necessary to gather quotes for work to be done.


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